Paid Advertising

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PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising enables businesses to place their services and products in front of people who are actively searching for them.

You see PPC ads almost every time you search for something on Google or Bing. They are the three or four sponsored results at the top of the page above the organic search results. A well designed PPC campaign will target the users that are most likely to convert to paying customers.

All our campaign decisions are based on delivering high value user conversions and not just getting clicks. PPC ads help you to:

Target users with high ‘commercial intent’ who are likely to buy

Narrow your audience to target your ideal customers

Gain brand recognition for free from users who see your ad, but don’t click

Paid Social Media Advertising

Reach billions of users at once or micro-target your ideal customers.

Paid social media refers to paying to promote posts on a social media platform. It is an essential part of many business’s marketing campaigns. One of the benefits of paid social media when compared to PPC search ads, is that they provide much more granular targeting options.

Social media platforms have changed their algorithms over time to prioritise local content and content from friends and family. This has made it much harder for brands to make a significant impact through organic means. Therefore, paid social media can be a useful tool to cut through and reach your target audience.

Using the targeting tools on Facebook, we can help you to target promoted posts based on user location, interests, gender, age and many more factors. We can create a paid social strategy specific to your business’s goals.

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‘’We have used Carden for our IT for over 10 years and have always been pleased with their service and standards. More recently, we have begun working with Carden Digital and have been impressed with their professionalism and speedy responses to our issues. We would happily recommend Carden to any business.’’

Jamie Sunnucks - Levicks Accountants

‘’Carden Digital were a fantastic partner when we decided to update our website. Their support and attention to detail was 10/10. They gave honest feedback on ideas and alternative options, as and when required. We’ve received some brilliant feedback on the new website as well, which is always good to hear.’’

Sam Scanlon - Connect Grp

‘’I needed a website for a new venture but had no idea how to go about it. I am so glad I asked the team at Carden Digital for their help. They were friendly, patient, knowledgeable and full of great ideas. They somehow managed to take my vague thoughts and convert them into an awesome site which promotes my business brilliantly.’’

Jim Cullen - DSE+

‘’Carden Digital have been brilliant from start to finish. They built me a website and I couldn’t be happier with their service and communication. I’ve also used their SEO services and now struggle to keep up with the workload that the website now generates! In short, using Carden Digital was one of the best decisions I’ve made for me and business.’’

Terry Hayward - Get It Built

‘’We have been using both Carden IT Services and Carden Digital for years and they have been great. They have helped us with our servers, completely re-building our website and managing PPC and social campaigns. We have always found the team to be professional and very happy to deal with our enquiries quickly.’’

Zoe & Adam Cobb - Cobb Electrical

‘’Carden Digital quickly worked out what we needed and allowed us the time to reflect on our options, keeping us informed every step of the way during our website build. The team was fantastic, they helped us to evolve as a business and refine our identity. They're extremely knowledgeable and have been instrumental in our business's growth.’’

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PPC Management Services

Get more from your ad campaigns. At Carden Digital, we work closely with each of our clients to craft a high-return, data-driven PPC campaign to promote their business.

Running a PPC or Paid Social campaign successfully is more involved that just creating a few ads and letting them run. Effective campaign management includes maintenance, studying results, updating, and refining ad text, adjusting bids and running A/B tests. If all these tasks are not done correctly, then you will not be getting the maximum ROI for your ad spend.

As PPC specialists, we have a variety of enterprise-grade campaign analysis tools to assist us in running the best paid ad campaign for you.

How We Can Help

Search engines like Google and Bing have done a lot to streamline their ads systems, but it can still be a time-consuming and confusing process for those unfamiliar with it. At Carden Digital, we leverage our experience and expertise to craft high-return ads campaigns, which we constantly monitor and improve.

As Part of Our PPC Campaign Management We…

• Carry out thorough keyword research

• Write compelling ad copy to attract customers

• Craft a bidding strategy to maximise ROI

• Create high-converting landing pages to drive traffic to

• Provide monthly reports with detailed results and recommendations

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